The Aviator

A year and a half in the making, “The Aviator” is unquestionably my most ambitious AeroPod to date. Pod number 18 was inspired by the legendary Douglas DC-3 airplane and the golden era of air travel that came with it.

All details, including the types of rivets, screw heads and gauge faces used are period correct for a DC-3, as is the painstakingly polished aluminum exterior. Because the door is transparent and cannot conceal a surprise interior, another layer, the authentic-looking instrument panel, was created like a façade to carry out that function. Pull one control for the pop-out mini bar, another for a cigar, or maybe you’d like a glass of wine from the secret compartment to make your flight more comfortable?

I’ve done my best to capture the thrill and essence of early aviation in a single art object that’s both alluring and unique in concept. From the pilot’s seat to the pampered offerings of smartly-uniformed flight attendants, the whole nostalgic flight experience is represented.

Every element on “The Aviator” was built from scratch. Notable features include the hand-shaped aluminum skin, a one-piece door frame with thermoformed acrylic window, the concealed system of chain-linked, spring-loaded latches, levers and pull-outs, and the completely handmade instrument panel resembling what you would find in a vintage DC-3 aircraft.

It was an epic challenge of art, design, engineering and craftsmanship, all the things I utilize in my art, and has surpassed my goals of what an AeroPod can be, setting a new standard for all future work.